Bigfoot and Woolybooger Tales

Bigfoot and Woolybooger Tales was publicly released at the first annual Harlan Crypto Con (in Harlan County, Kentucky).  The event was quite a success.  The book is available on and Kindle.

I am a story gatherer.  I personally have not encountered Bigfoot.  However, with so many credible individuals reporting personal eyewitness accounts, I do believe there are things around us that have not been classified or explained conclusively.  If someone tells me sincerely a story about their own life experience, I will not challenge or belittle their account.  I believe if people were not afraid of the ridicule that goes along with acknowledging a Bigfoot sighting, many more would come forward to share their stories.

This book project split out of another book project.  Originally the stories were part of the new book, Panther Tales and Woodland Encounters, but so many stories came in, it became necessary to divide the book under the two main categories, Bigfoot and Black Panthers.

Of all the cryptids in the world, Bigfoot is perhaps the best known.  This creature has been reported by eye witnesses in every continent on the globe and in every state of the United States except Hawaii.  For  many who are familiar with Bigfoot sightings and research,  there was still a surprise in the number of encounters reported in Appalachia, and more locally in southeastern Kentucky where I live.

Important personal eyewitness accounts from local citizens are present in the book as well as interviews with some well-known Bigfoot researchers including Youtube personality, talk show host, and author Ed Brown along with others from the Bigfoot community such as Thomas Marcum author and leader of the Crypto Crew, Michael Cook who is the head of Cook Cryptid Research, Jimmy Blanton whose podcast is Ninja of the Woods, and Tony Felosi who is a historian, documenter,  movie producer, and also an important member of the Crypto Crew are included  in the book.

I will be featuring more about those in the Bigfoot research community whom I’ve met in person or who are included in the book as well as more eyewitness accounts.

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