Author Notes


FH000131Over the years I’ve written for many different reasons.  Writing has always been a form of therapy for me (along with photography).

Even with many works in print, it has been difficult for me to actually consider myself an “author” or “writer.”  No matter how much I write, it never quite feels like I’ve arrived where I want to be.  And yet, I am compelled to write.

Below is a short list of WHY I write.

  • Communicating my personal faith in God and encouraging others
  • Collecting stories, folklore, and interesting information about Appalachia
  • Documentation in educational journals
  • Magazine articles that inform
  • Blogs that give the reader something to think about
Below is a partial list of things I’ve authored or projects I’ve worked with my students to publish in magazine or book form:
Harlan County Then and Now
Harlan County at Its Best
Harlan County Memories
Harlan County and Its People
Harlan County Treasures
Harlan County Traditions
Harlan County:  The Martin’s Fork Connection
(All of these are out of print.)
DSC00085  DSC00084  DSC00081
 DSC00082  This book was a community project with Gladys Hensley.
Mountain Mysteries I:  Tales that Make You Wonder
Mountain Mysteries II:  The Unexplained
Mountain Mysteries III: Tales to Tell at Dusky Dark
Mountain Mysteries IV:  Animal Encounters
Mountain Mysteries V:  In the Deep Dark Hills

(Some are still available through Amazon)

cover (2)  cover copy   DSC00074   Elk cover with writing  DSC00077

Plain Thoughts, is a weekly column I’ve written for almost 20 years for the Harlan Daily Enterprise, in Harlan, KY.  That column is now being printed in other newspapers owned by the same company.  Thi

local folks exhibit 002Sir Thomas the Eggslayer was my first middle school chapter book, a medieval tale of a young man coming into his own, suitable for Accelerated Reader.

(I am currently working on the sequel to Sir Thomas.)



  DSC00071Terrible Tina was my second middle school chapter book, a story of a young girl facing difficulties of growing up under the care of her grandmother in the mountains of Appalachia.



Mountain Wisdom: Mountain Folk is a collection of folklore, superstition, weather predictions, beautyDSC00067 tips, and a wide variety of knowledge or beliefs held by mountain people of Appalachia in the past and present.





  DSC00079Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say is a collection of sayings, euphemisms, similes, and metaphors common to mountain language that took over thirty years to gather by listening and taking notes.




New Growth is a collection of short stories from Appalachian Authors. DSC00070 My story, “Wings to Fly” is one of those chosen by the Jesse Stuart Foundation to appear in this work.







Another short story appeared in Self Rising Flowers called, “In the Blood” about a family living in a coal camp in the early 1900s.




My students and I also worked on the book project ODETTE Appalachian authors - misc 013  by beloved creator of the Waltons, Earl Hamner, Jr.







For the 100 year celebration of Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County, KY DSC00069  we worked to gather and edit the Pine Mountain Centennial Cookbook comprised of heritage recipes from the community.






I am currently seeking publication for a new genre – Christian romance, titled In the Circle of His Arms and have several other books in various stages of completion.